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Best Pallet Truck For Removals – Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Best Pallet Truck For You?


LoadSurfer 2500kg Manual Hand Pump Jack ImageA pallet truck is widely known as a pallet jack, PPT truck, pallet pump, pump truck, or even, hand jack – it is a material transport equipment tool that is used to lift and move pallets from one place to another.

If you’re looking for where to buy hand pallet truck or electric pump truck for sale for your business or warehouse or removal company that you can depend on for heavy-duty lifting tasks? You have arrived at the right page.

This unbiased review is thoroughly researched and written to assist you with a better-informed decision on your quest to buy the best new or used pump truck material handling equipment for your business.

Pallet trucks are an essential kind of forklift used to move pallets and palletized loads easily from one place to another within a warehouse. And a great place to buy pallet truck is on Amazon because they have great deals.

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These types of pallet jack are useful in making manual tasks of moving pallets easier, which result improves the efficiency of the warehouse and reduces workload. Amazon comes highly recommended to buy pallet truck because you can avail yourself of amazing deals and discounts.

The best pallet trucks to buy for your business will determine it’s use within your business operations. 

With the help of pallet trucks, multiple-person jobs are converted into one-person jobs. In a pallet truck, narrow fork slots are present under the pallet, and a pump is used to handle and raise and lower the load quickly.

These pallet trucks can be operated manually or they can be battery powered and operated. These trucks can be used in any situation and industry, especially in warehouses, where vast amounts of stuff need to be shifted from one place to another.

These are used to transport partial or fully loaded pallets at long distances. They can also be used in order for picking low levels and also for loading and unloading trucks.

For those looking for pallet trolley for sale and cheap electric pallet jack for sale, Amazon is a good place to obtain great and amazing discounts.



LoadSurfer Manual Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck

Einhell Pallet Lift Truck Einhell Pallet Lift Truck

LoadSurfer 2500kg Printers Mini Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley

LoadSurfer 2500kg Wide Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley

1500kg Edge Fully Electric Battery Powered Pallet Lift Truck Hand Trolley Jack

Pramac Hand Pallet Truck GS Pro 25S4

Midland Pallet Trucks 2500kg Heavy Duty Euro Spec Hand Pallet Truck

Loadsurfer 5000kg Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Warehouse


LiftMate Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale


Sealey Heavy-duty high lift pallet truck


LiftMate 1t Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker 1000kg 1600mm



A Brief History of Pump Truck:

Pallet trucks or pump trucks have a fascinating history. During the late 19th century, there was an Industrial Revolution where specific equipment arose that can handle bulky goods safely.

Thus, as a result, in 1887, a basic pallet truck was developed. This was a manual pallet truck that can lift pallets from the ground up. But one drawback was that these pallet trucks could not move goods from one place to another.

In 1909 a new model was designed that could move goods quickly. The modern-day pallet trucks were developed in the 1920s.


Does your Warehouse really need a Hand Pallet Truck or a Pallet Stacker?

It is tough to lift heavy stuff manually, however,  It is easy to handle a few boxes, but in large setups, it becomes a difficult task, hence; a pallet truck for sale is considered.

Every warehouse worker gets tired and faces fatigue after following the same repetitive lifting and moving work daily. So, the question arises: how can you make your worker’s life easy and increase their productivity to the maximum?

To solve this hectic manual labour, all that is required is a hand pallet truck or a pallet stacker. These used pump trucks will not only divide the workload but will also boost worker’s productivity.  Due to these advantages, pallet trucks became more prevalent. These powered pump trucks help in increasing efficiency in factories and the workplace. 

No wonder professional managers are always on the prowl to save money on used pallet trucks for sale and best places to avail huge discounts and where to buy hand pallet truck nationwide.

Where can pallet trucks be used?

Nowadays, pallet Jacks are used as a piece of versatile equipment for moving goods. As an effective method of handling bulky goods, these pumptrucks can be used in the following areas:

  • Warehouse & Factory Facilities
  • Factory Floors
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Removal Company
  • Trailers and Trucks
  • Storages
  • Retail Stores and Outlets

Types of Pallet Trucks

There are many different types of pallet trucks to buy out there and are available to cater to your every requirement.

powered pallet trucks for salePump Jacks:

These are manually operated pallet trucks. These types of pallet lifts are cheaper, but they are not very durable. Running these hand trucks depends on the operator as they are equipped with steering control mechanisms that enable the user to steer in any direction they want.

These trucks are predominantly used for lifting smaller pallet stacks in warehouses that store pallets at ground level.

Pallet Jacks:

These are operated via some motor. These trucks score over pump jacks as they are comparatively sophisticated. To use it effectively, experienced personnel are required to operate it.

Fully Electric Lithium Power Pallet Jack Truck

A pallet jack is used for lifting and moving pallets in larger quantities in warehouses, storage facilities, factories and other areas where pallets are raised and stacked in multiple layers.

Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks:

These trucks are designed to travel on grounds where ordinary pallet trucks cannot move. Their heavy-duty Pneumatic tires make them ideal for use in uneven environments such as Builder’s yards, Nurseries, or construction sites.

Pallet trucks with Built-In Weighing Machine:

These trucks have additional equipment attached, such as weighing scales and printers. It enables us in considering the weight of goods and through printer print of importance, and other specifications can be obtained easily. 

High Lift Pallet Trucks:

Some pallet trucks are designed to lift pallets to heights safely, thus reduces the chances of workplace injury. Moreover, these trucks are great in assisting packing and assembling.

Mini Pallet Truck:

These trucks are perfect for use within the printing industry as it has small narrow forks and Amazon is a great place offering huge discounted pallet truck for sale.

Amazon is naother great place to buy second hand pallet trucks for sale for those on low budget.

Electric Pump Truck or PPT Truck:Action Handling TKLPT22AC Fully Electric PPT Truck

These are electrically powered trucks that are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. When not in use, they require charging at their stations.

If you’re looking for where to buy hand pallet truck and electric pump truck for sale, please be advised that they are very user friendly and effortless like the PPT truck

The ease of use is pretty simple, as they are easily maneuverable by their operators. The used pump truck also comes highly recommended to buy.

Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker:

This powered electric pallet stacker as its name suggests assisting the user when stacking up pallets upon pallets of stocks in a vertical format. Amazon is a great place to buy powered pallet trucks for sale for managers looking to increase returns on low budget.

Click Here For The Action Handling Fully Electric Pallet Truck

Their uses come in handy in warehouses, factories, and stores like Costco, Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrissons, B&Q, Wickes and more.

Good electric pallet trucks for sale can be found on Amazon; their prices are very competitive, they dispatch within 2 – 3 days of purchase and their new, or used hand pallet trucks for sale comes with warranty.

Also, if you’re looking for where to buy pallet stacker for sale nearby; simply switch on your device location to on, before beginning your search on Google search.


So, what is the best Pallet or PPT Truck for your Business?

Many factors need to be considered before choosing the right pump truck for your business.

Our numerous years of material handling equipment experience in the domestic and commercial removal industry have given us the credibility and trustworthiness required to write an unbiased review about pump trucks, PPT truck, pallet jacks, electric pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, pallet lifter, pallet trolley and lots more.  

Cost or prices are obvious factors one needs to consider when buying a motorised ppt truck. No doubt quality does come at a high price. Pallet jacks are no exception. To obtain quality Material Handling Products, your budget is a huge determinant.

Midland Pallet Trucks is a name that requires no introduction; the managing director of the company Phil Chesworth emphasized the importance of pallet trucks by saying, “The pallet truck is often the foundation of the entire fleet – they are important hardware that is a versatile asset which assists users in carrying out a wide range of tasks.”

But their lack of speciality and their all-round versatility makes them very difficult to buy; each organisation must decide what they as a company are looking for in their hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks for sale”

Irrespective of the calibre of pump truck you are after, whether a pallet truck with an ergonomically designed handle or one that can move perpendicularly in all directions; Godwins Removals Company is here to assist you in making an informed decision for your warehouse, removal company, or freight in this Pump Truck buyer’s guide.

If you have experience buying electric pallet lift or pallet trucks and are looking for a new option to add to the fleet, you will find some pretty good options shortlisted by our experts. If it is your first purchase, we would like to give you a little introduction to make your decision easy.


LoadSurfer Manual Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck

Einhell Pallet Lift Truck Einhell Pallet Lift Truck

LoadSurfer 2500kg Printers Mini Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley

LoadSurfer 2500kg Wide Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley

1500kg Edge Fully Electric Battery Powered Pallet Lift Truck Hand Trolley Jack

Pramac Hand Pallet Truck GS Pro 25S4

Midland Pallet Trucks 2500kg Heavy Duty Euro Spec Hand Pallet Truck

Loadsurfer 5000kg Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Warehouse


LiftMate Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale


Sealey Heavy-duty high lift pallet truck


LiftMate 1t Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker 1000kg 1600mm



10 Best Pallet & PPT Truck For Your Business

We have listed down the ten of the best pallet trucks to buy that our experts have chosen specifically for you to choose from. Ranging from the smallest and simplest trucks to the more advanced PPT truck.

Irrespective of your business operations; there is a pallet truck for everyone to choose from and there are also some very good electric pallet trucks for sale out there.

Also, note that all pallet trucks come with a full manufacturer warranty and all pallet trucks and PPT truck listed here can be dispatched within 3-4 working days after your order have been processed.

You can also find second hand pallet trucks for sale on Amazon at great discounts with free and fast shipping – One of the best places to buy pallet trucks, infact; cheap pallet trucks.


1. LoadSurfer Manual Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck 2500kg

LoadSurfer 2500kg Jack TrolleyNothing can beat a basic and straightforward push pallet truck with a manual hand pump. A one of its kind manual pump truck having a maximum capacity of 2500kg.

An awesome piece of material handling equipment that comes highly recommended. A must-have in your fleet at all cost.

Key features

You are getting so much value in this fairly priced pallet truck that you will for sure find it unbelievable. This simple looking pallet mover can carry up to 2500 kg, that’s 2.5 tonne of weight.

Well, that’s huge! This futuristic and fantastic pallet truck comes with a premium quality hydraulic pump unit along with a triple action control handle which makes lifting, steering, and lowering very easy.

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Wait, there is more to it! This innovative jack pallet also has nylon wheels which are the best you will ever find in something like this. It is a well-known fact that the right wheels are a guarantee of efficient productivity by a machine.

So, if your industrial ware is a kind of place that has some spillages and debris often, then you must trust blindly on these wheels.

This choice of truck cuts down half of your workload because; there is no assembly required at all, as it comes already assembled and pre-tested, not to forget the tapered fork tips and entry guide roller.

Let’s come to fork features. The minimum fork height is 80mm while the maximum it can do is 190mm with an overall fork width to be 540mm. The total fork length is 1150mm

The total product weight is 78kg.

This pallet trolley comes with a 12-month warranty.


Pros and Cons LoadSurfer Manual Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck

+ One Year Warranty - Manual Operation Required
+ 2500kg Capacity
+ Triple Hydraulic Pump
+ Pre-Assembled and Tested

2. Einhell Pallet Lift Truck TC Pt 2500 (Maximum Load 2500 kg

Einhell  - used hand pallet trucks for saleThis Einhell Pallet Lift Truck is robust and easily lifts heavy items for any professional workshop – It comes with a safety tow bar and means of Schalthebel.

With 3 powerful functions; automatic return of tow bar in vertical. With a load capacity of 2500 kg, its’ fork height is 80 – 190 mm, it also features sturdy steel construction, calms running characteristics when low rolling resistance.

It is reliable, maintenance-free hydraulic and robust construction with welded steel frame low reinforced fork tines for load capacity
Its’ quiet running properties and low rolling resistance thanks to ball bearings and PU coating on the wheels and lifting wheels

This one is a stellar product. As smart as it looks by appearance, it is equally intelligent when it comes to power.

Click Here For More Info About Einhell Pallet Truck

This modern and stylish pallet lift truck comes with a weight lifting capacity of 2500kg. The total weight of this pallet lift truck is 62 kg. Let us examine the features:

Key Features

This futuristic forklift made of sturdy steel makes it a total grab-worthy deal. The sharp red colour is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and also makes it stand out among the fleet.

The robust, easy lift comes with a safety tow bar, and the best feature is the tow bar automatically comes back to its original vertical position.  The gear offers three levels of functions.

Moreover, the hydraulic pump attached to it provides a lifetime guarantee as it does not require any maintenance. When this pallet lift truck is operated, it offers low rolling resistance in its calm operation nature.

The fork height ranges from 80 to 190 mm while the total fork length is 1150mm and width is 540mm. The fork shape is designed in a way that gives it a reinforced weight capacity and helps to lift weights efficiently.

The more you delve, the more you are going to fall in love with it. There are two types of wheels; load and roll. Both of them are of top-notch quality – no wonder a number of people search for electric pallet lift for sale on Amazon.

The diameter of load wheels is 80mm while the roll wheels have a diameter of 180mm. The maximum adjustable height that it can offer is 190mm. The PU coating on the wheel is the reason for its quiet function.


Pros and Cons of Einhell Pallet Lift Truck

+ Weight Capacity 2500kg - Manual Operation Required
+ 2500kg Capacity
+ Comes With Automatic tow bar
+ Triple functioning gear
+ PU Coating On Wheels

3. LoadSurfer 2500kg Printers Mini Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley Fully Assembled 450x800mm, 1 Year Warranty

LoadSurfer 2500kg Printers Mini Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack TrolleyTo lift bulky goods in a warehouse is something beyond the strength of a human individual, however, this is where forklifts or electric pallet lift come in handy.

With so many advancements in this industry, there are plenty of options available like; this smart, innovative, and modern looking pallet or PPT truck by Loadsurfers. Let’s look at the details:

Key features

Known as a mini hand pump, this comes with a high-quality hydraulic pump unit and a triple action gear that makes the functioning super handy and easy.

With such a forklift in your collection, you can increase the productivity on-site by a great deal. No matter what industrial function you need for this is never going to disappoint you.

A strong and durable pallet truck that’s suitable for any smooth terrains in workshops, warehouses, retail outlets and so on.

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The wheels and rollers is coated in rigid PU – this feature enables the pallet truck to move on the surfaces with ease and also with minimal noise.

The forklifts is also fully tapered and adjoined with an entry guide roller which makes a perfect combo for a forklift.

One of the major benefit to this Loadsurfer printer’s hand pump pallet truck is that this pallet truck comes pre-assembled and tested. It enables you to unwrap it and start using it right away.

Size and dimensions:

The size of this smart-looking pallet truck is 450x800mm which is a perfect size for warehouse use. The forks are of standard size and offer an adequate lifting capacity.

Get this orange coloured, smart, and futuristic truck today and enjoy its grind!

This pallet trolley comes with a 12-month warranty.


Pros and Cons Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley

+ Triple Functioning Gear- Nothing To Report
+ PU Coating on Wheels Warrantee
+ Already Comes Pre-Assembled
+ One year Manufacturer Warranty

4. LoadSurfer 2500kg Wide Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack Trolley Fully Assembled 680 x 1150mm, 1 Year Warranty

LoadSurfer 2500kg Wide Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Jack TrolleyThe Loadsurfer PPT18H pallet truck and pump truck is a semi-electric battery pallet truck that is the best alternative to the standard pump pallet truck.

Its’ design to be small and flexible, the Loadsurfer pallet truck can easily be used in lifts (elevators) and is also ideal for narrow alleyways in a retail environment or warehouse.

This semi-electric PPT truck and pallet truck Provides good speed and is highly efficient due to the powerful driver motor that gives it an excellent climbing performance even when it’s fully loaded, the pump truck’s climbing performance can be a 5% slope gradient. An ideal point to note when looking for an electric pump truck for sale.

The LoadSurfer pallet truck also features a maintenance free 10Ah Lithium battery that provide a three hour operating time – with additional batteries that can be obtained separately.

Due to its unique design of the 48 volt battery pack, users can easily

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exchange bateries within seconds, once the battery is depleted, the old battery can simply be unplugged and taken out replacing it with additional 48 volt battery.

Key features

With a load capacity of a whopping 2500kg, this wide hand pump pallet truck is the need of the hour; it weighs 78kg, this high-quality hydraulic pump is the must-have feature of every pallet truck, and it is the main feature of this futuristic truck.

A triple-action gear accompanying the handle is ideal for performing weight lifting tasks, i.e. lifting, moving, and manoeuvring.

The roller wheels are covered with PU which gives an extra grip to tires to move on all kinds of surfaces as we all know that things can get messy in an industrial warehouse with all the spilling and debris. Moreover, the coating also cuts down the noise of the truck.

Let us tell you about the top-quality forks of this smart pallet truck. The overall width of the forks is 680mm while the overall length is 1150mm due to which this truck is rightly called as wide handed as this length and width of the forks gives space to carry wide loads.

The smartly shaped forks are tapered at the ends and come with an entry guide roller which serves as a great combo. If you have used a pallet truck before, you will understand what we are talking about.

The best part is that it comes pre-assembled as well pre-tested, which means this one comes ready to roll.


Pros and Cons LoadSurfer Wide Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck

+ Weight Capacity 2500kg - Not suitable for compact places
+ Triple action gear Warrantee
+ Tapered fork tips
+ PU coated wheels and rollers
+ Can handle wide loads

5. LiftMate Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker 1000kg 1600mm

Edge Fully Electric Battery Powered Pallet Lift Truck Hand Trolley JackThe Liftmate fully electric and battery-powered pallet stacker is a one of a kind pallet truck that makes things super easy and quick on the go. We are sure you are curious to know.

This fully powered electric Battery Powered Pallet Lift Truck Hand Trolley Jack or stacker truck has the ability of being operated on ramps that are up to 4/16% incline, whether laden or unladen, thereby making it possible to be used in docks and making delivery operations in challenging terrains.

The electric pump truck also gives a three to six-hour battery life span and additional batteries can easily be picked up when the old ones are discharged completely.

When no battery life is present in this stacker truck, this electric pallet truck can still double as a pallet jack or hand truck – a perfect feature to note when looking for a pallet jack for sale

Click Here For More Info On This Electric Stacker!

key features

This battery-powered pallet stacker truck comes with a total capacity of 1500kg, which is less than the other options, but there is more to it.

This one here is fully capable of operating on-ramps with an inclination angle of 4/16%, making it an ideal choice to be used on loading docks and delivery operations.

This feature is found in very few powered pallet stackers. A forklift with a capacity to move on the ramp makes it a must-have for your fleet collection. So, don’t wait anymore and order this today!

Calling it a smart truck would be right as it is battery operated with a maintenance-free 24V/20Ah Lithium battery offering working hours of up to 6 hours.

The battery comes in a built-in socket which makes charging easy. But it does not mean that if the battery is discharged, the push truck becomes useless. You can use it manually in case that happens. Isn’t that a two-in-one feature you have been searching for?

As compared to its previous models, the model has reduced weight and weighs up to 123kg, which undoubtedly adds brownie points.

The forks of this stacker truck are full-length double-sided and it has C-shape reinforcements which for sure increases its’ rigidity and strength. It also has a turning radius of 1274/1330mm and the low and lifted angle of the forks is evidence of the compactness.

If you own a grocery store or want one pallet truck to fit in a lift, this one is undoubtedly for you.


Pros and Cons for LiftMate 1t Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker

+ Weight Capacity 1500kg - Weighs 123kg
+ Suitable For Ramps And Elevators
+ Battery And Manually Operated
+ Full-Length Forks With Enforcements
+ Highly Compact
+ Full Warranty And After Sales Service

6. Pramac Hand Pallet Truck GS Pro 25S

Pramac Hand Truck for Pallets transport GS Pro 25S4Pramac is a reliable manufacturer of hand trolly and pallet trucks. They are based in Italy. Pramac is a brand that offers a wide range of material handling equipment that is extremely very reliable and trustworthy.

This pallet truck here is a perfect option for those who are looking for a manual pallet truck. Ideal for transferring delicate and fragile products and garden storage boxes, this one is for sure a best seller. Let us tell you more about it:

GS pallet lift series is a suitable practical solution meeting all the needs of manual handling. Perfectly ideal for the transportation of fragile and delicate loads, such as loads of glass or ceramics.

Pramac Hand Pallet Trucks has been produced to a very strict European Standards – In Europe, unlike 90% of other less quality approved pallet and hand trucks currently being sold in the UK market.

Click Here To Buy The Pramac Hand Pallet Truck

It’s a very productive material handling equipment, perfectly ideal for effortlessly lifting and carrying pallet loads of products. It’s light weight enhances smooth manoeuvrability perfect ideal working tool for use varying types of surfaces.

Key features

As much as it looks pleasing to the eyes with the neon green colour, it is convenient and easy to utilise. With a weight of 78kg, this one can lift weights to 2500 kg. This Pramac pallet truck offers easy to manoeuvre, weight lifting, and loading with its smart and ergonomic design.

The forks is smartly shaped, tapered, and have tandem entry rollers; the features that are very uncommon for a manual and simple forklift like this one here.

Size and dimension

The size of the pallet truck is 1150×525 mm that gives the idea that it can efficiently carry heavy weights.


Pros and Cons Pramac Hand Pallet Truck GS Pro 25S

+ Weight Capacity 2500kg - Weighs 123kg
+ Tapered Forks With Tandem Entry Roller
+ Suitable For Heavyweights
+ PU Coated Wheels

7. Midland Pallet Trucks 2500kg Heavy Duty Euro Spec Hand Pallet Truck

Midland 2500kg Heavy Duty Euro Spec imagesThis pallet truck is from Midland pallet truck company and has been a hot seller for a long time – our best selling fully hydraulic hand pallet truck with thousands sold nationwide.

Midland pallet truck company is a company that specifically offers warehousing equipment and material handling equipment solutions since 1991, they are now one of the UK’s largest producers and suppliers in the material handling equipment industry throughout the entire UK.

According to them, they are driven by their customers’ requirements and their focus is always to deliver durable quality products and equipments natiowide.

This Midland Standard Hand Pallet Truck with 2500kg Capacity weight limit is Liftmates most popular hand pallet truck and it’s suitable for UK and Euro pallets standard.

It has a powder-coated finish for increased durability.

Find Out More Info From Midland Pallet Trucks UK

The pallet truck’s hydraulic pump unit is fitted with an overload protection valve, fingertip operated controlled lowering valve and all wheels are fitted with sealed ball bearings.

LiftMate presently provides over two thousand products including a wide variety of hand and electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers, rough terrain pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, sack trucks or platform trolleys.

Each individual equipment is thoroughly tested, and spare parts are always available.

Key Features

Having a capacity of 2500kg this truck itself weighs only 80kg.

This pallet truck is categorised as an ideal for UK and Euro pallets. The bright yellow colour attracts the onlookers for sure but what makes it a durable option is its powder-coated finish.

This modern-looking, stylish pallet truck comes with a hydraulic pump unit that comes fitted with an overload protection valve which in our opinion must be a part of every pallet truck. What you can do to adjust the forks is to use a fingertip to operate the lowering valve, and your work is done.

This one moves like a kite in the wind, thanks to the high-quality nylon wheels (both steer and load ones) having sealed ball bearings. The locked feature prevents the entry of dust and dirt into the wheels.

Size and Dimension

The overall dimensions of the fork is 540 x 1150 mm which is ideal for lifting heavyweights.

This pallet trolley has a 12-month warranty.


Pros and Cons for LiftMate Standard Hand Pallet Truck

+ Ideal For Euro And Uk Pallets With It's 540x1150mm Sized Forks- Not suitable for smaller places
+ Powder-Coated Finish For Increased Durability
+ Overload Protection Valve
+ Nylon Wheels With Sealed Ball Bearings
+ 12 Months Warranty
+ Overload Protection Valve

8. Loadsurfer 5000kg Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck Warehouse 540x1220mm, 1 Year Warranty

Loadsurfer 5000kg load capacity for WarehouseHolding a best seller rank and editors; the top choice is this Loadsurfer hand pump push pallet truck; this operation of this hand pump pallet truck is not something mundane and complicated.

There is much more to this Loadsurfer pallet truck which we are going to reveal. Have a look:

Key Features

This smart and modern-looking pallet truck is not ordinary; instead, it comes with a load indicator which is a feature that is very important when your work involves loading and lifting weights from one place to another.

The load indicator can read in units of 5kg with a play and minus tolerance of up to 20kg and has a visual overload alert on it and a two-tonne capacity. 2 AA sized batteries operate the load indicator.

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The truck involves very user-friendly functioning in operation and the functioning and hence a popular choice among masses.

Size and Dimension:

The overall fork length is 1150mm while the width is 540mm. Each fork width is 160mm, which is quite suitable for lifting gigantic objects. The minimum and maximum fork heights are 85mm and 200 mm individually.

The total overall length of the device is 1552mm while the turning radius is 1275mm. The handle of the truck is at the height of 1233mm. The loadsurfer pallet truck also comes with a 12month warranty.


Pros and Cons for Loadsurfer 2000kg Hand Pump Push Pallet Truck

+ Integrated Weighing System
+ Visual Load Indicator
+ Very User Friendly
+ One Year Warranty

9. LiftMate Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale, 2200kg Capacity, Heavy Duty, Forks

LifeMate with Weighing Scale, 2200kg CapacityAnother masterpiece from LiftMate is this hand pallet truck with a built-in weighing scale is also on our top list of recommendations owing to its smart features. Let’s know a little more about this pump truck, shall we?

key features

This pallet truck from LiftMate is a -heavy-duty pallet truck. It is also manufactured in line with the European standards and is suitable for every kind of function in the trade and industrial sector.

This yellow coloured, smart, and stylish forklift can lift to 2200kgs of weight and weighs in 500 increments with an accuracy of 0.1%. The truck comes fitted with a full backlit display which is our favourite feature.

A smart looking, basic pallet truck with features like this one is straightforward to use and quite handy.

Click Here For More Pallet Trucks With Weighing Scales

Size and dimension

The overall dimension of this pump pallet truck is 560x1150mm.


Pros and Cons Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale

+ Weight Capacity 2200kg
+ Robust backlit display
+ Heavy duty
+ Accurate Weight Display

10. Sealey PT1170H High Lift Truck Pallet

Sealey PT1170H 1000Kg load capacity imageHeavy-duty high lift pallet truck perfectly ideal for loading and unloading of light commercial vehicles as well as warehouse and general handling tasks.

The Sealey PT1170H High Lift Truck Pallet features twin stabilisers for extra balance when at the maximum lift and an ergonomic handle design for comfortable effortless operation.

The Sealey PT1170H falls among our top recommendations of pallet trucks to buy; it has a 1000kg or 1-tonne weight capacity and can be dispatched within 3-4 days after purchase.

Finally, we have the Sealey high lift pallet truck manufactured by Sealey. This pallet truck is ideal for lifting and loading/unloading light commercial vehicles and warehouse duties. Let’s get to know about this:

Check Out Prices On Amazon!

key features

If you are looking for a pallet truck with a lower powerlifting capacity, this one’s for you as it comes with a total load limit of 1000kg weight limit – only while itself it weighs only 2kg.

It is under the category of a heavy-duty pallet truck and it offers functions like light vehicle lifting and weight lifting in warehouses.

The ergonomically designed truck comes with twin stabilisers that offer extra balance at maximum weight. The handle on the forklift is easy to operate and offers a comfortable operation.

Size and dimensions

The overall size and dimension of the Sealey high lift pallet truck are 20 x 13 x 5 cm.


Pros and Cons Sealey PT1170H High Lift Truck Pallet

+ Weight Capacity 1000kg + Low capacity
+ Heavy Duty
+ Suitable For Lightweight Commercial Vehicles
+ Two Stabilisers


A Pallet truck is a crucial part of every warehouse and business space where lifting is essential. From our bunch of experts, we have given you the detailed buyer’s guide on a pallet truck, including the history, use, and our favourite choices.

Now all you need to do now is to ascertain what pallet mover suits your requirements.


Things to bear in mind when using a Pallet & PPT Truck

Although it is straightforward to use pallet trucks, if operated incorrectly, it can quickly turn into a piece of dangerous equipment. These trucks are quite heavy and are made of steel.

Therefore, an operator can cause severe damage, especially when moving goods that weigh around a hundred kilograms. Hence for safety, some basic guidelines should be followed. Keeping this in mind, here are some simple tips for operating pallet trucks safely:


Well Trained Operators

By correctly operating these pallet trucks, any potential work injury can be prevented. That’s why experienced operators should train beginners before allowing them to use these trucks independently.


Load Limits

It should be kept in mind that on a pallet truck more than the specified weight should not be placed. Specific load limits should be mentioned on the Pallet truck to avoid any unwanted accidents.


Never Ride a Pallet Truck

Some workers ride the pallet truck for fun, but it can lead to dangerous consequences as you can lose control of the Pallet truck while riding and your feet can get caught in the blades.


The need for a separate spotter

If the operator’s view is obstructed a separate spotter should accompany to guide and help the operator.


Manual vs Electric Pallet Trucks

High lift truck PPT truck Load capacityChances of injury are higher in manual pallet trucks as compared to the electrical ones. Therefore, adhere to loading specifications.

Consider the Load Size

The size of goods should be following the blades; when the load is too wide or too long, it can destabilize the pallet truck. That will lead to slippage of load and even the pallet truck itself. This can turn into potentially dangerous situations.

Maintain Steady Speed

While transporting goods, it is recommended that always use an experienced operator.

Electrical Pallet Trucks

An operator should be well trained and know everything about the equipment’s capabilities. They should be careful during loading and unloading. Electrical pallet trucks require special attention when moving on inclined or narrow surfaces.

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For over 70 years, pallet trucks have proven to be one of the most efficient materials handling equipment. Extensively used worldwide, they can potentially increase warehouse efficiency when used correctly.

Place the goods on the pallet and secure them with lashing straps.

Once goods are loaded, you can easily maneuver the pallet truck. Slide the forks into gaps that are provided for this specific purpose.

By using the truck’s pump-action handle raise the handle off the ground. And quickly move goods to the desire place.

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Benefits of a Powered Pallet Truck (PPT Truck)

There are several advantages to using powered pallet trucks. These advantages can also assist one in making an informed buying decision due to one’s need and requirements – as these material handling equipments comes in varying sizes and shapes. Below are some of the benefits:


Increased Efficiency

Pallet trucks come as a rescue to hardware workers as these reduce the manual workload. The ability to move different weights quickly makes work easier, faster and increases productivity.

In a warehouse or factory setup, cost reduction and increased efficiency play a vital role in productivity. These hand pallet trucks are designed specifically to provide the required efficiency and economic benefits in moving goods in a warehouse.


Placing large amounts of goods on pallet trucks is more comfortable thanks to its stability and flat surface that can hold large quantities effectively. Due to their uniform nature, these trucks are easier to handle and use like the PPT truck Easy to use pallet trucks are a dream for every warehouse worker.

As employees can use this equipment instead of handling materials directly themselves, this saves energy and lessens fatigue. Using a pallet truck saves time when loading and unloading and gives workers the ability to tackle physically challenging tasks.

Good Maneuverability

These pallet trucks are useful not only because they lighten the workload but also because it makes moving goods easier from one place to the other. With pallet trucks’ simple maneuverability, it can be used in limited space. Moving pallet trucks and making turns is very easy and is only limited to your aisles’ width.


These pallet trucks can be operated manually, and some of these are battery-operated. These can manage huge workloads easily. These trucks are more comfortable to stack as well as they can be placed on each other. This way, these trucks take reduced space.

The choice of pallet trucks depends on your business’s nature and which pallet or ppt truck caters to your needs. To learn more about manual and powered pallet trucks, continue reading.

Cost Saving

These pallet trucks are becoming popular in factories, removal companies, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores across various countries. This is because of how efficient and time and cost-saving these pallet trucks are.

As compared to the forklifts, the pallet trucks are significantly economical and take less space.

These trucks have a cheap initial cost and fewer ongoing maintenance charges. This fact saves time and money over some time as less servicing means less downtime.

Moreover, these pallet trucks do not require fuel; thus, these are cheaper to operate. These pallet trucks perform the same work as forklifts but more efficiently.


Due to the small size of pallet trucks, there are minimum chances of injuries. The pallet trucks come with safety locks and also have hand-fitted handles. These safety measures provide an additional safety level for workers.

Smart Features

Some of the pallet trucks have built weighing machines that help operate the goods based on the weight. This weight scale also reduces workers who have to weigh the materials beforehand or afterward.

These pallet & PPT truck do not cause any noise pollution, and they are effortless to maintain.


How much is a Pallet Truck/ PPT Truck?

Pallet trucks can vary in prices as there are a variety of pallet trucks out there; as such, depending on the make, model, and capacity of the pallet truck you chose, the price may vary.

For instance, a normal simple pallet truck will come out cheaper than a pallet truck that comes with a weighing scale for those looking for where to buy hand pallet truck.

It is highly recommended that one does his own due diligence before settling for a particular material handling equipment.

A very good place for a good pallet truck buy is Amazon.co.uk. They also sell used pallet trucks for sale. However, the best pallet truck to buy is ones that have been fairly or scarcely used and those that come with a guarantee as well.

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